What is Technical Analysis? How to use it to predict?

Technical Analysis

There is a myth about forex traders that they just multiply money by doing nothing. Well it is definitely a myth. Like all other earning professions, Forex Trading is a serious source of income which requires certain characteristics to be prosperous in this field. Keen observation, patient personality and better judging abilities are the three most important characteristics of a successful forex trader. Forex traders use different methods to judge the future movement of the currency value. Technical analysis is the most widely used process of predicting the future value of the price of a currency.

Forex Technical Analysis involves the analysis of the charts of the historical data of the currency that they intended to trade. Technical Analysts also observes and analyzes the technical indicators for better judgment and for understanding. Therefore Price can move in three directions. It can move upward and downward or stay flat. Therefore trader needs to determine the direction of its future movement to make decisions regarding your buying or selling.


The significance of Technical Forex analysis lies in the fact that its prediction can also apply to short-term transactions. For example, if you are interested in Short term trade (the trade which is carried out on a single day) or you want to predict the rate of the currency for a middle-term duration and not likely interested in long-term trade, then Technical Analysis is your ultimate solution. It guides you to understand the most beneficial time to trade. It includes the analysis of all the graphical charts. Charts have different kinds such as line charts, candlesticks.

forex technical analysis


Technical Analysis keeps in view three factors and features of Forex trading.

  • Market
  • History repeats itself
  • Movement of Price

All the signals regarding the future direction of the price help you in making beneficial decisions in forex. Making beneficial decisions at the right time is what leads you towards profit in forex Trade.