Time Frame

Higher time-frame trading:

Higher time-frame trading is catching the attention of those traders who have only a limited time for trading. Nowadays everyone is trying to find more means of earning. The successful businessmen or high ranked officials are looking for more means of income. Similarly the busy housewives are earning in Forex trading with their precise free time. Thus if you have a busy schedule or you have to follow a strict timetable even then you can trade. Isn’t it exciting?

Reasons for preference of Higher time-frame trading:

This time-frame allows you to avail your precious time for multiplying your capital amount. If you are dealing with the same situation then you should also prefer this time-frame. There are many reasons for giving preference to this type of trading.


First of all, in case of lower time-frame, you need to do a detailed and comprehensive analysis which obviously takes a lot of time. But in your case, shortage of time is the biggest hindrance and obstacle that you must conquer. Therefore you must consider higher time-frame.


Secondly in case of lower time-frame, there are many variables involved in trading. Therefore you have to incorporate many factors and variables. It makes the trading, a complex process. The greater the complexity, the more difficult it becomes to understand Forex trading. Eventually it becomes nearly impossible to master this form of trading. Perhaps that is why a busy trader usually prefers higher time-frame trading.


Last but definitely not the least, there is a fast change in the price of a currency in case of lower time-frame trading. Therefore you have to often make major trading decisions in a very short time. Sometimes such hasty decisions prove to be fatal for busy traders. Such traders do not have much time to thoroughly analyze the current trend of the Forex market. Thus in such a state a busy trader who do not have that much time for trading mostly take interest in higher time-frame trading.