Japanese Candlestick and its Back Ground

Foundations of Japanese Candlestick: Japanese Candlestick holds a great significance in Forex trade. Traders and investors all over the world prefer Japanese Candlesticks nowadays. They prefer it because of worthiness. Let’s have a look at its foundation and basic information. Beginning: During the 18th century, Japanese devised this effective form of technical analysis for the measurement and analysis of their international trade of crops particularly Rice. As most …

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What is Technical Analysis? How to use it to predict?

Technical Analysis

There is a myth about forex traders that they just multiply money by doing nothing. Well it is definitely a myth. Like all other earning professions, Forex Trading is a serious source of income which requires certain characteristics to be prosperous in this field. Keen observation, patient personality and better judging abilities are the three most important characteristics of a successful forex trader. Forex traders use different methods …

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What is Fundamental Analysis? How to Use it in Forex Trading?

Fundamental Analysis

The world is changing and making progress with every passing minute. Same is the case with Forex. In the ever-changing world of Forex Trading, only active and keen observer traders can survive. Constant fluctuation is the most prominent feature of Forex Trade. Dealing with these fluctuations is Forex trading. When you start a new business or you tend to invest your money in any project, you do not …

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Support and Resistance Levels in Forex Trading

The peak points of Forex are the ‘Bounce’ and ‘Break’. If you can handle the trade efficiently at these points then the heaps of profit are waiting for you in the critical game of Forex. Bounce: If you want to efficiently deal with bounce then you need to have some confirmation that the resistance or support point will manage to hold. So let the value of the currency …

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Types of Forex Accounts and Most Common Forex Account

Forex is a pure financial market that is being traded globally with the greatest trade volume. Round the clock trade makes it the most appealing financial marketplace. In order to try your skills in forex, you need to open a forex trading account. Different types of accounts are opened for Forex Trade. However, the most favored ones are: Standard Forex Trading Account Mini Trading Account Managed Trading Account …

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The secret of Success in Forex Trade

Forex trading is the highlight of the financial markets. Central banks, corporations, financial firms, industrialists and experienced as well as amateur traders are trading on Forex. But all the traders do not earn heaps of profit. Like all other fields and departments of trade, it is not possible to earn profit without any hard work in Forex. Thus the traders who do not take it seriously lose their …

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Spread in Forex Trading

Brokers usually quote two different prices for a currency pair. The price of buying the currency is called ‘Ask’ price while the price of selling the currency is called ‘Bid’. The asking price is different from the bid price. The difference between the asking price and the bid price is called a ‘Spread’. Measuring a Spread It is very easy to measure a spread. The unit of measuring …

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Forex Orders and their types

Types of trade order

Traders place different types of Forex orders in Forex Trading. Forex trading involves different types of Forex orders. Here the question arises what is meant by an order? When you enter or exit a trade opportunity, it is called an order. Types of Trade Order Different brokers and agents prefer and accept different kinds of orders. Some widely accepted kinds of orders are: Market Order The order to …

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Capital and Leverage in Forex Trade

Capital and Leverage in Forex Trade

There are two main concepts of Forex trade that are often neglected by the traders i.e Capital and leverage. Capital for Forex trading There is a well-known myth about Forex trade is that it can make you millionaire overnight with just a little capital. Well frankly, it is definitely not true. Forex is not betting. You can conduct profitable trade once or twice by luck but in order …

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